Samstag, 16. April 2011

Super Meat Boy

Hi, everyone!

Okay, so this game is pretty amazing. For the people who don't know it, here a short summary:
- The game is a platformer, so you navigate a chracter (Meat Boy) through a 2D-world avoiding obsticles
- The aim of the game is to reach Meat Boy's girlfriend, Bandage Girl, in every level. Sound easy, no?
- You only have one life. If you die you respawn at the beginning of the level. Unlimited revives (you will need all of them ;) )

Anyway, I was very impressed with this game. Why? Well first of all I like the genre as such anyway. Then, it is funny and doesn't take itself very seriously. The storyline is made to be absolutely pointless and rediculous to mock other "mini"-games that put forward some "epic" or "meaningful" theme.

I will also warn you here - if you are the kind of person who gets frustraded and annoyed quickly when you don't succeed at something, THIS IS THE WRONG GAME FOR YOU! You will find yourself dying many times in a single level and finally beat it in only 20 seconds. 

The graphics are okay. They remind strongly of the Flash-appearence we alll know from browser-games and ads. Absolutely ne complaints here!

So all in all I really enjoy playing Super Meat Boy, and so do millions of others on PC and XBox360. Strongy recommended if you are out for a challenge and want to test your abilities on platform games. 


PS: If you like this game, you will love a platformer made earlier called "I Wanna Be The Guy" it is extreamly hard but fun to play at the same time. Personally, I prefer it to Super Meat Boy, but be your own judge. It's free so you have nothing to loose :)

Dienstag, 12. April 2011


Hi everyone,

in this blog I will be reviewing different new games of interest. Expect shooters, GTA-type games and RPGs discussed here - so keep updated ;)